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Organizing Software Development Planning
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Software development planning can take some time if people are unclear about what they want to accomplish. There is a lot to think about when planning for software development changes or modifications to existing computer programs. Software development planning includes planning for down time and other problems that may occur. This can be very easy or very difficult if the software development is not organized into stages. When a company decides to install new equipment or update other equipment, it will have to train employees, be prepared for lowered production times while the installation takes places, and also be prepared for any problems that may occur.

Software development planning involves knowing when changes will be taking place. This can cause confusion along the way. But if the stages are completed on time, software development planning a can be very easy. Companies that are outsourcing will have to make long term plans that will take into consideration the amount of time to train employees, find office space, and other details. Software development planning should be done a year before the project begins so that most problems can be discussed and eliminated before the project actually begins.

Software planning may cost a company more money in the beginning, but in the end it will cost the company much less than having to start all over again because of poor planning. Software development planning should be completed before beginning any new project that involves updating computer databases, computer systems, and other programs that can affect a company on a large scale. This is why proper planning is needed in order to successfully complete a project that is this big. Every few years, companies are faced with updating their computer systems. Planning can make these updates much easier to install and use by everyone.

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