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Finding a Career in Software Development
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many different areas that one can go into when looking for a job in software development. Depending on what a person wants to create, there is gaming software, educational software, security software, and computer management software that will need to be developed. As security becomes more of an issue, new software will need to be created in order to stop viruses from infiltrating corporate and personal computer files. Software development has come a long way from when it began. There are many careers within this field that are opening up for those who know how to use computers or create software using the language of the computer.

Software development includes not only the code needed to run a program, but also the content that will appear on the screen, the prompts that tell the computer when to go the the next screen, graphics, and security are all elements that need creative people to create them. Many people who work in software development have an understanding of each of these elements and work with those who can put all of them together into one package.

Software development is taught in most colleges and universities. Those who earn a degree in software development will be able to work on many projects that will entertain and challenge them. Since there are many areas to work in, this is a career that will never get boring. Some people will go back to school to learn even more about development. While some people work for larger corporations, some will work as freelancers or start their own company. There are many opportunities for those who are willing to create programs that other people will be interested in buying and that will entertain, teach, protect, and allow a computer to run better than before.

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